Why is the wedding breakfast such an important part of any wedding? Think about the last wedding you attended. What part of the occasion do your most persistent memories surround?

Was it the drinks in the pub beforehand, finding out what happened to your old acquaintances (well…erm….he’s changed!). Perhaps it was the unexpectedly awkward appearance of an ex… or that strange, distant relative? Was it the exchange of rings; the collective oohs and ahhhs at the self-conscious kissing after the ‘I do’s?

Every wedding, whether a barn wedding at Trenderway, or any wedding at all… has its own particular memories, of course, but we’ve found that the most stories and recollections seem to surround the meal and the rituals around it. These almost always seem to be the memorable centrepiece of any wedding.

Whence ‘Wedding Breakfast’?

wedding food trenderwayThe term wedding breakfast dates back to the 17th century when wedding ceremonies were usually part of Eucharistic Mass. Betrothed couples would thus have been fasting ahead of the service. The meal they shared afterwards was literally breaking the fast.

Times have moved on of course, but the symbolism of this first meal as a married couple persists, regardless of the role of religion in a given wedding, if any.

It simply feels special to have a first married meal together. We know, from seeing hundreds of amazing wedding breakfasts at our own farm wedding venue, that it’s amazing, on this unique day, to be surrounded by friends and family. However, as couples look for more bespoke, less structured environments for their wedding, so have the options changed when it comes to how the arrangements for the wedding breakfast are envisaged. These arrangements still, rightly, take centre stage when it comes to wedding planning. At our unique barn wedding venue, we’re always impressed by how much thought our couples give to this key part of their celebrations and love getting involved to help them create a wonderful occasion for their friends and family when it comes to the culinary aspects of their festivities!

Your Wedding Breakfast at Trenderway

wedding food trenderwayAt Trenderway we have the wonderful Linhay Barn if you want a fabulous, rustic setting for a traditional sit-down meal for up to 120, as part of your barn wedding here. You can also have a buffet, a barbeque or hog roast in the courtyard, a mass picnic, a fish & chip van or even a street food festival. The only limits on how you want to realise your own personal wedding meal at Trenderway exist in your imaginations. The only caveat is a very obvious one: remember to consider those with allergies and other specific food preferences. We have curated a selection of absolutely superb caterers who we work with to deliver every couple’s choice of cuisine, which can be as individual as each of our couples, as with everything else about our lovely Cornish farm wedding venue.

It’s completely natural for couples to make the food they share with their friends and family, and the way they share it, as reflective of their own outlook on life as any other aspect of this supremely special day.

Other traditions surround the meal, of course. Couples will always make their own day unique and do things their way, however, the conventional running order rarely gets messed with.

Speeches & Toasts

wedding food trenderwayThese days there is a lot of customisation depending on the whim of the couple concerned, and that’s fine of course. Traditionally, however, the Father Of The Bride – or if he is absent, or unwelcome, Mum, or close relative or friend in loco parentis, will kick off the speeches just after the wedding breakfast is over.

What everyone is usually waiting for, of course is the Best Man’s speech- or Maid Of Honour’s speech – or both. Various parties will be toasted – bridesmaids and so on – but thereafter, it will not matter much what he or she says, as by this stage, most of your guests will be well and truly squiffy. As required, of course, so that collective memories of the Best Man’s speech will at best, be hazy – thus minimising the risk of litigation…

Whatever traditions you choose or choose not to embrace, we wish you a wonderful wedding!