Here at Trenderway, we’ve been privileged to host so many amazing, unique and very personal larger weddings over many years. These are wonderful events. Call us romantics, however, but we’ve noticed that it’s often a more intimate elopement wedding that can really pull on the heartstrings.

An elopement wedding can happen for a good many reasons; some of them obvious, some less so, some very personal. Running off and getting married together with a witness or two and the world at your feet remains a thing. It’s a serious option for loved-up, life-together committing couples, both young and older. Indeed, elopements are growing in popularity. Eloping is an idea that many couples flirt with, when considering the particular way in which they want to get married.

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In times gone by, an elopement would often be a distress decision. This type of marriage would be one of hasty resort, dictated by romance, circumstance or both. A union that was illicit, or undertaken to escape the disapproving shackles of one or other set of parents or either party’s social circles.

In more enlightened, liberal times, elopements are now usually a matter of choice. More and more couples are ditching the big traditional wedding, for the more intimate personal experience of an elopement wedding.

Having an elopement wedding has become increasingly popular in the UK in recent years. Today’s couples seek to create more intimate, spontaneous and personalised experiences. They are creating a wedding to reflect their unique relationship and save on the large costs and high stresses that can go with more conventional weddings.

It’s your elopement wedding. Do what you want to do.

Above all, an elopement wedding allows you to do you.

To be free to express your feelings for each other in a non-conforming way is genuinely refreshing, liberating and real. This is a major reason to consider an elopement. Strip away the sense that you need to conform. Your wedding does not need to follow a format and be what others expect. With this attitude, you’ll open up a world of possibilities.

You want your day to be an authentic representation of you – and to fundamentally reflect who you are. For many people, a large conventional wedding just doesn’t do this.

An elopement wedding moves your focus from what can be seen as a performance for friends and family. It is a day that is completely and utterly about you. You do it your way, overlooking tradition. You do it somewhere that you want to be.

Eloping can feel very real and very true to the couple you are. It provides a sense of intimacy and privacy that is often difficult to achieve in a traditional wedding setting. Couples who elope can focus on their love and commitment to one another without feeling the pressure to cater to the expectations of their guests.

Perhaps surprisingly, thinking about your guests can be one of the most stressful things about a wedding! With an elopement wedding, there’s no juggling with the guest list. Who to exclude? Well – everyone! Because you are the only ones on the guest list! Your friends and family can all share your experience later, through any photography and video you choose to put out there. You can always have a smaller, post-wedding get-together, with the people you are closest too, with less pressure…and all the fun.

An elopement wedding allows you to avoid the family politics.

An elopement wedding gives you the safest, most intimate environment possible. In your control and far away from the constraints of family expectations and preconceptions. That’s what eloping is. Throwing off the shackles.

A day you will really value.

Eloping gives you the opportunity to strip your wedding back to what really matters to you. Looking back on your wedding in years to come, you want to focus to be on how you both felt on your day. A day that that was all about the things that mattered to you – not to other people. Perhaps there’s a financial aspect to your decision, but whatever your budget, perhaps today of all days, you should spend the money on both of you and not on pleasing other people.  An elopement wedding allows you to do this.

It’s certainly true that elopements are a more affordable option if you want to get married without breaking the bank. With the rising costs of traditional weddings, elopements allow savings on expensive venues, catering, and decorations.

Elope to Trenderway.

An elopement wedding at Trenderway will be an incomparable experience. A beautiful and secluded farm wedding venue, Trenderway is in the heart of the Cornish countryside, just inland from the south coast near Polperro & Looe.

We can’t conceive of anywhere that you’ll find more romantic and intimate. We have luxurious accommodation, beautifully restored barn and outdoor spaces, nearby fishing villages, and coastal walks. Trenderway is the perfect place for a romantic elopement and an idyllic setting for couples who want to make memories to last a lifetime.

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